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Epsilon Informatics undertakes to develop software specially modified according to the special needs of each customer. Using constantly new methods and techniques, efficient and effective system development is achieved.

Software Development Process



Epsilon Informatics, in collaboration with the customer, records and defines the customer’s needs and wishes. Consequently, the Epsilon Informatics team determined the approach that should be followed for the development of every project. A work program is created and completed by the appropriate staff.



The analysis phase is one of the most important phases for the implementation of every IT project. Epsilon Informatics defines, according to the customer’s wishes, the analysis strategy that should be followed in order to determine which of the current systems can be used, which solutions can create opportunities for improvement for particular needs and which will be the central idea of the new project.



The next phase is the design one. Epsilon Informatics develops a design strategy in order to determine the way of operation of the new system in terms of hardware, software and network infrastructure. Then, the technical specifications for the databases and files and the design of the final project are developed.

Technologies Used

ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, C, C++, DELPHI, MS Access

Software Development