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Epsilon Informatics, having multiannual experience, is capable of analyzing, suggesting, designing and implementing solutions for computerized business organization and data processing for all sectors of business, organizations and vertical markets of every size.

The aim of the IT support is the best possible performance of the business over time and the operation using Information Systems.

The goal of Epsilon Informatics is the selection of tested information programs (such as trading applications and accounting programs) which can cover fully the customers’ needs and provide complete high quality professional solutions.

Furthermore, Epsilon Informatics undertakes the entire spectrum of the business computerized organization. In particular, every kind of IT organization for companies and business is supported, using the equipment and network needed for covering every need arising.

The involvement of Epsilon Informatics doesn’t stop at the sales of information systems, hardware and network installations. 

On the contrary, Epsilon Informatics begins the support and evolution of above, releasing the customers from the stress of IT organization doing it for them!

Services provided by Epsilon Informatics to the client:

  • Design of the business computerization
  • Provision of Integrated software and programs
  • Custom software development for specialized IT needs
  • Update, Maintenance and Support of computerized systems
  • Hardware provision
  • Diagnosis and repair or replacement of faulty hardware
  • Automation and BACKUP solutions
  • Staff training for program handling

What is achieved?

  • Ease and time-saving in the day-to-day work
  • Recording and processing of important data
  • Design that brings informing
  • High level of information for the managers and the rest of the business departments
  • Accurate and timely information
  • Workflow synchronization


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