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Epsilon Informatics provides credible development and hosting of email service which boosts the professional profile of the companies. 

The special features that Email Hosting offers are: 

  • Highest Security 

✔ Operation through the safe protocol https during access at the emails by webmail (certainty that you see what you asked for and that you are the only person seeing it)
✔ SSL protocol usage while sending/receiving emails (encryption so that no one else in the network has access to what you send/receive)
✔ Authorization requirement non only when receiving but also when sending email  (so that you won’t be located in a black mail list)
✔ he strongest protection from spam mail in collaboration with Google

  • Perfect Functionality  

✔ Check and wrong email address mechanism with sufficient safeguards so that none of the mails will be lost
✔ Storage of all the emails to a central server for safety in case of damage or malfunction of the equipment
✔ Email for every operation, different email addresses foe every department of the company.

  • E-Calendar

E-Calendar service for improvement of the intergroup productivity with project organization and two way communication 

  • Mobile Support 

Complete support on mobile devices (smartphones,tablets)