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With multiannual experience and great responsibility, especially at the transport sector, Epsilon Informatics has designed and  provides a complete information system for transport companies, under the trade name  EP-MF

The proposal of Epsilon Informatics can  cover the current and future informatics needs of your business and fit its specific operational and organizational requirements.


The solution offered is based to EP E-CLOUD technology and satisfies the operational demands of your business, following consultation and conversation. 

At the same time, installation of expansions is ensured, in order to cover any needs arising at functionality as well as increasing number of users.

Choosing the proposed solution of EP-MF will lead you to a dynamic and reliable system, which provides an opportunity to employees and senior managers for an easy and integrated access to information, procedures and data relevant to the operation of your business. 


The proposal for EP E-CLOUD technology is a modern, reliable and complete solution, which enables configurations relevant to the demands and peculiarities of the company. It provides a simple user-friendly graphical interface, based to technological simplicity, which implies that it can be used conveniently by any user.

Epsilon Informatics is willing to ensure the successful implementation and seamless support to every stage of the process. The multiannual experience of Epsilon Informatics supervisor and managers to business software and the direct technical support offered, can guarantee a successful cooperation.

Basic Features EP-MF

EP-MF is addressed to transport companies and represents a complete, simple and affordable solution.

  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive software, effortless usage from beginners
  • Immediate start of efficient operation
  • No need for specialized equipment

It monitors: customers, waybills, cash-on-delivery processes, suppliers, warehouse, earnings, business expenditure,
payments and securities.

With EP-MF app you have the chance to manage all the trading parties (customers, suppliers, drivers, etc.) and all the works of staff, which shows the simplicity and measurability of your daily business development monitoring.

With a variety of statistics and extended analytics, you can be constantly informed of the company evolution.



  • Fast waybill registration
  • Mass waybill assignment to vehicle with concurrent printing
  • Simple search/find – registration of the waybills’ consignors and recipients.


  • Cash-on-delivery progress monitoring
  • Cash-on-delivery search/find per customer – similar commands
  • Mass cash-on-delivery management


  • Analytical registration and monitoring of delivery waybill notes (manifests and/or other transport related documents)
  • Automatic waybill search/find by vehicle and date
  • Option of different waybills choice and connection to note (for the case of shipping to local distribution)


  • EP-MF has the capability of monitoring the fleet maintenance expenditure
  • Registration of repair and periodic inspection services and exceptional tasks
  • Fuel and vehicle operating costs monitoring


  • EP-MF provides exchange of relevant information and data (on-line on the Internet) between your different branch offices
  • Automatic update of all the branch offices data, with all the details you wish (customers, waybills, financial information and data, etc.)


  • EP-MF has the option of information exchange and interlinking to the accounting programs of Epsilon Net, through the EP-MF-LINK module
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