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Epsilon-Delivery is the most smart and useful delivery app for every Tablet or Smartphone with Android or iOS operating system.

For you, owning a business

Epsilon-Delivery is the e-shop addressed to any business which wants to have the opportunity to control it from  everywhere and everytime. 

It provides unlimited options for promoting special and targeted offers, unlimited changes to product prices, unlimited variety of languages, and unlimited branch offices and users’ addresses.

For your customer

Epsilon – Delivery app offers a dynamic interactive menu, with complete description and depiction  of all of the business products and, in addition, useful information. 

It can satisfy even the most demanding client and ensures: fast and easy navigation through the app, automatic location detection, extensive product information (such as allergens, calories etc.), assurance for immediate delivery completion. 


PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Send direct messages to your clients without being charged and inform them about offers, news or simply check-in so that they don’t forget you! All the above with the use of  Push Notifications, which can be used as many times as you wish!

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Offer your menu to as many languages as you wish in order to satisfy clients of every nationality!

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Present your menu to your customers with as much information as they want and have to know for your products. Inform them about ingredients, calories, recipes, allergens, date of freezing and whatever else you wish!

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Change the menu and the prices as many times as you wish through the easy and useful management system provided! 

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Manage your orders in the way you wish. The delivery orders can be printed and to notify all the departments you prefer! 

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Serve your customers from all your branch offices. You can connect unlimited branch offices and users’ addresses! 

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS All the business data and offered products details can be uploaded in digital format to a very useful and user-friendly interface! 

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS The location detection of your customers’ address is now a piece of cake! You simply print the map along with the customer’s address automatically!



magnifying glass Business reputation improvement

magnifying glass Customer loyalty improvement

magnifying glass Cost and Time savings with direct and no-cost menu changes 

magnifying glass Commercial and Offers promotion directly  and with no cost

magnifying glass Business adjustment to the new law that demands all the food and beverage businesses to fully describe their product ingredients  

magnifying glass High quality service for customers

magnifying glass Increase of amount of orders and decrease of cost

magnifying glass Opportunity for your own business app, without intermediary businesses which reduce your profit

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